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Note: This project is shown with the permission of our client.

The project was realized for the nmprawo.pl law firm. The scope of this project consisted of a website, blog, intranet platform with document management system and other extra IT services. Click on the tabs below to learn more about the main elements of this project.

First, we made sure to secure the domain name. Next, we selected a hosting plan according to the client's needs and budget. Afterwards, we configured the SSL certificate. Finally, we created all the necessary DNS records and added the requested re-routing instructions.


The client opted for a simple and easy to read design, as the website had to contain a lot of content. It also had to be fully responsive and optimized for both desktop and mobile users.

We have implemented a custom multi-language architecture that uses no third-party libraries. Adding other languages to the website requires no coding and have no impact on the performance or security.

For the blog, The client selected the desired CMS system and one of the pre-designed themes available online. The theme was later customized on request.


The website is fully responsive. It is extremely fast and lightweight, even when operated on an inexpensive, shared hosting plan. This is due to various optimization techniques used, such as: gzip conversion, image processing and optimization, minified and combined resource files, efficient caching, optimized serverside code and more. The performance of both the website and the blog was validated with the GTmetrix analysis tool based on Lighthouse algorithm. The results are shown below.

website gtmetrix results
blog gtmetrix results

These graphs show that the website and blog are well optimized and SEO friendly. It is worth noting that they maintain high performance, despite running on a budget-friendly shared hosting plan.

The client requested an IT platform to manage documents, clients, cases and company's projects. The client also ordered some extra IT services that are described below as well.


The intranet platform is easy to use, scalable and offers business grade security. It works via a web browser and can also be accessed on mobile devices. New functionalities can be implemented in the future with no major changes to the underlying architecture.

intranet overview

The clients can be added and managed via the application. The contact info of the clients is automatically synchronized with Outlook for employees with sufficient permissions.

The system also manages the company's projects. Every project is assigned to its corresponding client. Every uploaded document is linked to a specific project. Therefore, the files, projects and clients are always connected. Each file and project can have comments, notes, deadlines and e-mail reminders defined by the user.

All files are stored in a secure cloud with robust backup policies. Specific files or projects can be securely shared with selected partners or clients. When the access to file or project is granted to someone outside the company, the user has to pass secure, two-factor authentication first. The company can also monitor the permissions and access history for all files and projects. The system also supports live collaboration on the .docx, .xlsx, .pptx documents.

A reliable version control system is implemented. When an updated version of a document is added, every previous version can still be accessed, but the old files remain compressed until requested by the user.

This intranet can track all of the company's subscriptions and contracts. It can also notify the users by e-mail when an important contract or license is about to expire.

Workflow Management

Apart from the standard office software like word or excel, the Microsoft Office Business subscription provides amazing tools that can be used to organize tasks, work and projects inside the company (Outlook, Calendar, Teams, To-Do, Notes, Planner, SharePoint, OneDrive and more). However, they require quite complicated setup and configuration. On client's request, we configured these tools, synchronized them on multiple devices and provided training on how to use them on the PCs and mobile devices.

We also configured the online booking platform based on Microsoft Bookings for our client. The customers can now book meetings and manage them online, with this fully automatic and secure platform. Then, we organized training session on how to use Microsoft Forms to generate online forms, such as customer's satisfaction forms. Finally, we helped our client to develop the templates of the most commonly used documents.