ProgPeak is a polish company established as a response to the growing demand for software products, web development services and specialized, engineering consulting services from the borderline of computer science, automation, electronics and physics. The name ProgPeak is a combination of two English words: prog – short for program, and peak – top. As the name suggests, we put maximum effort to make sure our products and services are of highest quality.

Key People

Dariusz Modzelewski
Dariusz Modzelewski
Co-Founder / Managing Director

I am an engineer with international working experience in several different fields of technology and science, in both the industrial and academic environments. I hold an M.Sc degree in Electrodynamics & Mechatronics from National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse and an M.Sc in Conversion & Utilization of Electric Energy from Gdańsk University of Technology. After several years of accumulating professional experience and brief episode of working on a PhD research project, I decided to pursue a different path and the ProgPeak company was started.

So far, I have worked as an automation engineer, research engineer in power electronics, lead software engineer, researcher in ion quantum technologies, as well as full-stack web developer. I participated in multiple technical workshops, conferences and training programmes. Over the years, I accumulated several different qualification certificates and specialized permissions. My background allows me to participate and take leading roles in various projects from the borderline of computer science, automation, electronics, physics, software engineering and web development.